Personal Training
Helping individuals become the best versions of themselves through an evidence-based approach to personal training. Whether it's injury prevention/rehab, exercise prescription for the general population, or training for sport performance, Kalan is confident he can help you reach your goals.
Each program is individually specified to tailor your needs, and includes preliminary assessments, goal establishment, program implementation, and ongoing testing and tracking.

Rates are subject to commitment level, so please email for more information.

Online Personal Training
Kalan has years of experience offering online personal training to distance clients. He has established a unique system that offers physical assessments (through pictures and videos), personal training programs, and fitness testing all through correspondence by phone or email.

Rates (note: all prices are in Canadian dollars)
Preliminary Assessment  -------------------------------- $40
Fitness Testing & Evaluation --------------------------- $80
6 Week Program (assessment included) --------------- $175
12 Week Program (assessment & Testing included) --$250

Athletic Fitness Testing
Having created the standardized fitness tests for Karate athlete's, as recognized by the governing body Karate Canada, Kalan has acquired the knowledge and skills to successfully administer a fitness testing battery to athletes in a variety of sports. Along with test establishment and administration, Kalan also provides the coach(es) with a report highlighting the outcomes of the fitness test for each athlete, and how it compares to normative data in the same (or similar) sport/field.

Contact Kalan at for more information on Athletic Fitness Testing