KFit Conditioning is the fitness testing and training program developed by Kalan Anglos

"I want to help athletes and individuals become the best versions of themselves" - Kalan Anglos, cscs

The KFit Conditioning program offers evidence-based conditioning programs and fitness testing to athletes and individuals whose goal is to improve their overall fitness or prepare for competition. The program offers a pathway for individuals to perform better, increase fitness, and recover faster through evidence-based workout plans and personal testing. It is systematically developed to assess an individuals overall fitness levels through a variety of fitness tests, and provide a customized conditioning program to meet the demands of the sport or personal goal. 

In order to ensure the members of the KFit Conditioning program are on track to meet their goals, Kalan provides ongoing coaching and training, including by online correspondence, as well as through customized periodization plans and regularly scheduled fitness testing assessments. Results from the personalized fitness tests are presented to individuals in an easy-to-follow document that provides specific instructions on how to improve. 

The only question left to ask yourself, is...

Are YOU KFit?

The KFit Physical Fitness Test Battery is recognized by Karate Canada as the standardized fitness test in the country.