How to Train & Measure Agility

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How to Train & Measure Agility

Agility is defined as the ability to stop, start, and change directions in a quick and controlled manner

In my opinion, agility is one of the most undervalued and under performed types of training for athletes that directly relates to most sports performances. 

In this video (above), I quickly explain three of the field-based assessments for agility that are often used in training camps. These three tests can be used to measure an athletes agility or as a tool to training it. If training, do these tests as many times as possible or as required. If testing, use the time it takes to complete the test as an assessment score.

Tips when training agility:
- Train 2x/week or as required
- Focus on moving feet as FAST as possible 
- Ensure adequate (48 hrs) recovery between sessions
- Periodization: MORE emphasis on agility as season approaches

The 3 Agility Tests Are:
1. The Box Test

2. The T-Test
t test of agility

3. The Hex Test
Image result for The hex agility test

See video HERE for explanations on how to perform these agility tests

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